Zoolander and I have the same problem

“I can’t turn left”
i can't turn left
Zoolander had a problem, he couldn’t turn left.
I’m ashamed to say I found out I had the same problem.
It wasn’t until I went swimming recently that I realized “I can’t turn left” the shame was too much to bare. I was embarrassed and questioned what was wrong with me.
It suddenly occurred to me that I had a flaw in my swimming I couldn’t breath out if both sides.
Crazy I know but I couldn’t, every time I tried I would struggle with breathing on the right side.
I was scared it could be something serious and then I decided to see a doctor.
She then told me it wasn’t me but simply a muscle strain in my neck. The relief was immense I could relax with the relief that I am a Ambi-turner once again.
Basically it was something as simple as a strain in my neck muscle making it difficult for me to turn to the right and thus blocking the air supply.
One session of Physio and a massage and I was sorted. Able to turn left and right with no problems and no excuse not to swim. Ah, perhaps I should have thought this through a little better then.
Now I have no reason not to swim.