Why Tri?

Many people have asked me why a tri? Honestly I thought about it and I thought why not? Basically go big or go home. If you are going to do something, might as well do it whole heartedly, no messing around. That’s my philosophy… now, anyway.

In January 2014 I had just completed the 10K at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. Doing a triathlon was a distant dream for me. So distant I never thought it could even be possible. I mentioned this to a friend and his answer was simple


So I signed up.

Daunting and scary to say the least, it’s only afterwards that I started to think about the whole event and how much fun it would be swimming in the hudson river. I mean you need to understand I thought I was a fit person in my head anyway but in reality running 1km was tough, let alone 10km on the back of a 1.5km swim and a 40km cycle. Yes perhaps it was not such a smart idea after all but what was I going to do, pull out?

Not really an option since I was doing this for charity. I convinced myself that giving up on the autistic kids would just be messed up and unethical (cuz it so would be), which was basically another kick in the ass to stick to it. No, the only way to get out of this was either a toe tag or serious injury to myself. After many weeks of procrastination I realised neither was a reasonable solution and I was going to have to train hard or at least train to do this.

I basically went ahead and broke down the triathlon. Swim Cycle Run. Hmmm ok looking at that, the main objective was not to drown.


Yes the Hudson looks beautiful in this picture but let’s just say this is not what it’s really like. In reality the water is a lot saltier and mirkier than what you can see in this picture. So this is where I stood signed up for the NYC Tri and shitting myself as a result.