Why do I do what I do?

There is no reason, no rhyme, no explanation.
I do what I do because of me.
Not for anyone, not for a father, a mother, a girlfriend, an enemy, a friend, not for money.
I do this because of the feeling I get when I am done.
60 minutes of grueling pain, sweat, tears, aches and frustration adds up to seconds, minutes, hours, days of happiness.
The small things you do today become the sum total of the things you want to achieve tomorrow.
People can question you all they want but how you feel at the end of the day is what matters.
You don’t need to push through injury just push through the negative thoughts.
Don’t listen to the negative voice that tells you there is always tomorrow, listen to the voice that tells you we can do this today.
No one has to live with your choices but you. So the next time the alarm goes off at 5am and you wonder why am I doing this, just remember it’s because of the best reason possible.
Because you love yourself and it makes you happy.
Because today you are building a better version of you for tomorrow.