What is Ireland’s best export?

That is easy you say Guinness, Jamieson, The Cranberries, boyzone, or U2.

If you had said any of the above I’d say that you were wrong. Argue as much as you like but I have my point of view and it’s not changing.

It’s the people. No disrespect to any other country, culture, etc but man the Irish are very nice. 

Since the moment I’ve gotten off the plane it’s been nice and friendly smiles. I’m not complaining but what gives?

Why are people so nice?

Believe me it has nothing to do with the weather.

I must say I’m loving the people and the city. The experience is great especially when I have a race to do. Makes me very relaxed and at ease.

Great sites as you can see below

  No idea what this is but had to capture it in two photos 
And of course there’s the famous Guinness Brewery   

I went for a short 5km run and it just happened to be my fastest 5km run ever and I wasn’t pushing. 

So another reason to love this place. Let me tell you  though the weather isn’t great, if I could fix anything I would fix that.

With this kind of weather you walk out the house to go to the park in shorts, flip flops and sunglasses and may end up buying a hoody and umbrella on the way back.

But it’s all part of the fun.

I’ve registered now and I’m loving the experience. The 70.3 Ironman is being run very well and super organized. It’s not often you get to do a big race like this, let alone a big race like this in a capital city. 

It’s awesome especially when you go for nice walk to register and you come across this  
 A panda and Reindeer hanging out together not 1km away from the hustle and bustle of the city.If you haven’t been, don’t waste time, do it, the music, the sites, the food, the beer, and of course the Ironman is happening next year. I personally can’t wait for the race this weekend. The scenery is amazing and will help distract me on the 90km bike ride and I’m sure the reindeer will keep me company on the run. 

Actually come to think of it, the run may just remind me of my childhood in London when my dad would take me to Richmond park. 

Ok enough reminiscing. Let’s be serious now, the swim, you may know that I have had some difficulty with the swim. I’ve trained a lot since StPolten so much so that I have dropped 17kgs.

Yes I’m on a good track and the swim has improved immensely but I must have a word with my swim coach Rory Buck. 

He didn’t prepare me for the Eels. Yes Eels I tell you. The taxi driver from the airport was really cool and entertaining. 

We laughed and joked until he told me about the 8 foot eels in the bay. 

WTF eels? 8 foot at that. That’s like swimming with an Anaconda. Now my mind makes me think back to my childhood again and watching the Tarzan black and white movies.

Keep Calm, keep calm. So when you ask me about Dublin I still believe that the believe are awesome. Let’s just hope the Eels are as friendly or perhaps not so friendly and stay well away.

Sunday 7am start Scotman’s Bay. If you don’t hear from me again the Eels got me.