Reward Meals

One of the things to look forward to after a half ironman or any race is the reward meal.

In Dublin it was no different for me. The few days I spent in Dublin building up to the race were a little torturous. So many great places to eat great local dishes but not quite deemed heathly or in the right food groups for someone preparing for the biggest race of his life.

However, that’s not to say that I couldn’t take note of all the great places I race and make a plan of attack post race.

Elephant and Castle was where I decided to indulge and have my reward meal.

Now as much as I’d like to say all these plates were mine they weren’t. I shared the pancakes and the plate with the brioche French toast belong to my partner in crime.

She was nice enough to share the French toast with me though.

I know I know she must love me 😉

If you haven’t been you should because it was quite sublime and some of the best French toast and pancakes I’ve ever had.

Mind you after a 70point3 race I think anything I had would have been the best I ever I had but this really was great.

Anyway I wanted to show you the darker side of my eating habits to show you it’s not always clean protein and kale.

After 7 days of rest it’s back to the good stuff though so be prepared. I say that to me as much as I do to you.