Reflections Kona 2015

Saturday night I was at Bespoke Ride with the intention of spending a good few hours on the bike watching two men I admire immensely and am so damn jealous of for going to Hawaii let alone competing in Kona. I never thought it was something that I ever wanted to do.


Growing up I only ever wanted to play at Wembley, lift the FA Cup or the European Cup like Grobbelaar once did, make that dramatic penalty save and be a hero to all.

Getting on a bike for 180km then running a marathon.  All after a 3.8km swim, no chance, never ever crossed my mind. But now, wow I think it would have been easier to lift the FA Cup, especially with the way the keepers at Liverpool FC have played recently.
I think people take for granted what is actually needed to achieve this.
I mean it’s hard enough to train for a marathon, let alone an Ironman, the dedication it takes to do something like this is insane. You have to really want it and then even if you really want it you have to put everything aside and go for it.
I mean work, gf, bf, bff’s, they all go out the window you need to be 100% committed to it and even then you need luck on your side. Imagine you do all that, make it to an Ironman, qualify for Kona train all year around and then when you get out of the swim someone crashes into you and then your race is over FML.
Pissed is an understatement to what I would be. I would go Postal.
Anyway back to the case in hand. Here I am on the bike supporting David and Luke virtually and in spirit and as the Pro’s are getting out of the water I am getting tired. I mean it’s 10pm it’s getting late I have had a tough weekend and this seat is a little uncomfortable.
I look at these athlete’s coming out the water after having swum so far and they are relaxed and running through transition some of them not even using the hoses to freshen up.
Insane but extremely impressive.
As much as I want to stay and watch I leave, I mean I have the app and I can get updates on that during my drive home.
A couple of hours later and I am following my friends on the bike and they are absolutely killing it, riding like machines, both of them picking away the competition and I am in awe and then it strikes me, maybe just maybe it’s not as easy as people think it is. I mean lots of people try day in and day out and I go to the cycle track on the weekends and see people flying by on their tri bikes or in Pelotons but I mean how many of them or us have the potential to make it to Kona or to finish an Ironman in my case.
If there is something I have learnt, there is a big big difference between wanting to, being able to and simply doing.
We can all do, the human body is an amazing thing but what’s more important is the human mind.
The mind can get you to do anything you want to do in life or it can simply stop you from doing anything in life.
It’s sad that we all have potential, potential to be awesome or potential to be bad. Whatever we want to do we can.

“whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.”

My point to all of this is that my hat goes off to anyone who has done an Ironman. Anyone who has tried to do one and all those who are training for one.

Because it ain’t easy and it takes discipline and courage and that is impressive.

My utmost respect goes out to Luke Mathews and David Labouchere, rockstars in my book and wow they went to Kona the World Championships of Ironman. That shit ain’t easy and they did it. There was some 30 odd Professional athletes who didn’t finish for one reason or another, so that just adds to the argument that its a tough task.


After I left Bespoke I tracked the race from my laptop and this experience made me value the IRONMAN events so much more, maybe one day I’ll be alongside Luke & David in Kona, not only as a spectator.