Pre Flight thoughts 

I’m not ready, am I ready? Have I done enough? These are the thoughts that race through my mind as I sit waiting to board my flight to Dublin.

Austria is just a distant memory but still I can’t say I don’t think about it a lot. It’s been nearly 3 months and it’s not that it haunts me but it’s there hanging over my head. Reminding me of what I didn’t accomplish, what I want to accomplish and more importantly what I’m going to accomplish.

This is what I looked like just two years ago

And after getting a royal beating in Austria I’ve stepped up a gear and decided I don’t want to go through that pain again.

So in the time since I competed in Austria I have lost a little under 20kgs.

It’s not that Austria was hard but it’s the feelings that come with everything that happened.

Now I’m better equipped physically to race in Dublin.

I’ve trained longer, trained harder and more importantly I’ve trained smarter.

This time it’s different. I don’t regret my result in St Polten in fact I think it was a more positive result than finishing my first Tri in NYC. After that race I felt invincible and why not I had completed my first Triathlon and I weighed over 145kgs but the problem was arrogance and ego. I thought it’s done I’ve finished this with ease the next will be the same so I came back to Dubai and my reward meal became a reward weekend became a reward week became a reward month until it became January and I was back in NYC and struggling to get fit for the races coming up.

So what changed? Well you can’t cheat an Ironman hell you can’t cheat a 70.3 being a ok swimmer a decent cyclists and a slow runner got me through those other races be it painfully but a longer distance meant putting in the time and training. This was my only failure. So I decided and remembered a nice quote “it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matters that you get up one more time”

So I fell and fell hard so hard I cried but I had an amazing support team with me. Asif and Bartek were my production crew and shamed me into remembering how much I had achieved. If that wasn’t enough my Personal Trainer took me for a reward meal and a drink and right then and there having a tasty burger and dessert we planned our workout regime for the next 10 weeks.

A special thanks goes out to Hermann the German who is really Austria for planning the whole trip for me and taking away all that drama. I can’t imagine what I would have been like if I had to stress all of that as well. He was a life saver in that department.

I’m blessed to have lots of people in my life who support me on my journey and I am truly lucky but there is one thing I want to say and I perhaps digress and that is this. If you want to make a change or be happier in your life then do it.

It’s not easy, perhaps it’s not but you will never know till you try and as long as you try you might just like the new life you are putting together for yourself.

I hated swimming at the beginning and avoided it like the plague which is super smart when you have to swim 3.8kms for an Ironman (not). So what have I done now? Swim and swim, when I’m fed up of swimming. I swim some more. Why? Simple I have an amazing swim coach and his name is Rory Buck his advice is simple. “Learn to love the process”

Boarding my plane now. See you in Dublin