One size doesn’t fit all

There’s one thing I’ve learned about triathlons and that’s if you aren’t comfortable you won’t be happy. 

Yes it’s obvious but you’d be surprised how long people can go or correction how long I went without a proper bike for. 

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on how you should be on the bike. Your seat is too high, your seat is too low, arch your back, straighten your back, be upright, oh numbness is normal, the blood supply returns don’t worry give it a week.
Ridiculous but those are just some of the things I’ve heard. I’m no pro far from it but I know this, if your family jewels go numb for a week it’s not a good thing. 

Pain is not normal and it’s not about being tough it’s about positioning. 

So my advise to the other poor souls like me that think it’s natural it’s not. Get a damn bike fit at a shop, a pro and my advise not a friend. 

Pay someone. Yes it can be expensive but you only have one ass and it will thank you after a couple of uncomfortable hours on the bike. 

Honestly you shouldn’t even buy a bike without having done some kind of fit to see what bike works best for you.

Personally I ride a BMC SLR01 and I love my bike but different strokes for different folks. Even within this brand there are a range of bikes that work some that don’t work for others so forget about what you think looks right go with what fits right. Looking right won’t help you on a 4 hour bike ride.

Now it’s easy for me to sit here and be all high and mighty about it all because I was the biggest culprit for of this. Like the song says you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone. Well you don’t know how comfortable you can be till you’ve done a bike fit. 

I’ve been on the bike and grumbled and cried and done the John Wayne walk for a few days, sworn I’ll not do it again changed bike seats and blamed everything for the problem and it’s a simple fix. Get a bike fit. I did mine and may have been happier in life but never more comfortable on the bike.