My first entry

This is my first entry so forgive my inexperienced ramblings.

My name is Amin Soltani and this is my mission…to be happy. You are visiting my blog I hope for positive reasons and I hope because you have heard about my story and are interested and motivated to follow me on my journey. If you don’t know i will give you a little background. I was a healthy type of person and was in relatively good shape till my mid 20’s.


I for one reason or another started to gain weight and reached a gigantic size of over 170kgs.


This number is not 100% accurate because at this size it’s hard to find scales that actually can weigh someone that heavy. November 1st 2012 I decided that it was time to go back to what I used to be hence #halfthemaniusedtobe and it has been an interesting journey taking me in different directions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 16.47.39

Finally some 20months later I have managed to do what I thought was once impossible and that was a triathlon. August 3rd 2014 I completed the NYC Triathlon.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 16.34.47

It was an amazing feeling and something that has now encouraged me to do so much more. My aim is to continue what I have started and go on to complete an Ironman and one day compete in the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

That’s the dream.