Keep on running

You think the swim is done, you made it back from the cycle without a flat tyre piece of cake now it’s just the run.
Your mind plays tricks on you or at least it did with me. You think I’ve done it now the next part will be easy. For some reason the leg you just finished was the hard part and the next will be easy…wrong
The problem is that’s not the case. I started the run and I realized how hard this was going to be. The weather was slightly hotter, I was wet, dehydrated, tired, actually very tired. I was done I wanted it to be over.
But fuck me there was no way I was going to stop now, I’d come to far to stop now, actually I was scared of the embarrassment of not finishing more than anything not that it’s embarrassing but I figured it was easier to go through the pain of the race than listen to people saying don’t worry maybe next time. Fuck that it was this time for me.

With that mind set in place the run actually was a lot of fun, I got lucky, all the support along the course was fantastic and people cheered you on the whole way from spectators to helpers handing out water and the cliff gels and they didn’t even know me.

My mum being the expert Marathon running travelled up from Philadelphia with my step dad to support me and on the third leg she all but ran the entire 10km along side me cheering me on. I reckon if she had measured it she would have clocked 12km easy. Then half way through she managed to buy a cow bell from someone and rang that in my ear the last 5km which drove me nuts but at the same time pushed me on and encouraged me to finish the race even faster.


The run was one of my fastest runs since I started training for the Triathlon and I was really pleased with myself  I guess the cowbell was the cause of this, however, one person who really helped me through the race was a fellow competitor honestly I forgot his name but will never forget his story or face. He came up beside me and just asked me how I was doing and proceeded to engage me in conversation and the next thing I knew it was a 1mile later and I was feeling very comfortable with my run and relaxed about it and I even made a friend for my efforts. Now he took off and I actually saw him on the run a little while after he again encouraged me to push on through. This guy didn’t know me from Adam and was doing his first tri after 3 yrs of rehab on his ankle but still had the time to speak to me and help me out. I guess what I am saying is that he helped me a lot and if I could I would love to have thanked him for his help. Turns out I saw him again in a picture posted on twitter below , he’s on the right hand side.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.11.22 AM

So if anyone know’s who he is please drop me a line.

This post doesn’t really tell you much about my run but just keep on running. Whatever happens figure out a way to continue. A quote I came across recently explains it quite well.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.19.11 AM

I learned a lot about myself doing this triathlon, a year ago if someone had told me I would be doing a triathlon I would have laughed but now I am planning on doing an Ironman next year. Nothing is impossible it just depends on you, how much you want it and how much you are willing to do to achieve your goals.