It’s too hard I can’t go on

Two years ago or so I started my journey. Ups and downs, lots of downs and at times, more often than I would like to admit it I have wanted to give up and thankfully enough I have had a strong support group to pick me up and kick me to make sure I keep on moving.

In my opinion this is one of the most important things to have in life and I have definitely needed it although I have not shown my appreciation in the moment.

It’s easy to look at Peter Sagan and Jan Frodeno and think why they are great how inspiring look what they do and be amazing and inspired.
Me on the other hand I don’t really look at them and feel inspiration, I get inspiration from a man who most people would be embarrassed to look in the eye without feeling a little pity for. Ok not most of you then perhaps but I would have in the past. But then you look at this man and you see what he has done what he is doing and tell me you aren’t impressed.
Forget the fact that he has one arm and one leg and is riding a bike.
He’s taking it a step further he’s competing. And I don’t mean a local race but the guy is competing at the world’s biggest stage.

The Olympic’s. Ok you may say Paralympics but you are a fool then because this guy and many more like him are phenomenal athletes.

In this particular race Spain’s Juan Jose Mendez beats Erich Winkler from Germany.

I’m in awe of this man because it doesn’t really seem to bother him at all that he’s missing a couple of limbs and on top of that he wins this race riding at an average of over 42kph.

This fact alone is incredibly impressive because that’s definitely faster than I can ride and he isn’t using aero-bars or a disc wheel.

I think you should just look at the video below and see his performance and then the next time you think to yourself it’s too hard I can’t go on, remember Juan the Athlete and then tell yourself you can.