IronPanda repairs a flat tyre

I never ever even thought about it. I had the same mentality as I do with my car tyres. I know I had a spare but never thought that I would need to change the it ever.

I went into my first race supremely ignorant to the fact that I had to know how to change a tyre.

I didn’t really think much about it until the day of the briefing when someone mentioned getting a flat tyre.

Then it kind of dawned 0n me that perhaps just perhaps I should have some kind of understanding how to repair a flat.

My mind as it does started to panic slightly and thought wtf I don’t know how to do this.

So luckily enough there was someone at the exhibition demonstrating how to change flats.
Done simple right? 5 mins watching someone else change it and I was set.

Yeah right if only it was that easy. I made it through that race a few others without having a clue and then it hit me.

Buddy one day your luck will run out learn yourself before life makes you change.

So I went down to Adventure HQ and bothered them so much till Nuno said enough already I will teach you.
I hope you like my comical attempt at changing a tyre. Believe me it gets easier its just difficult at the beginning for the first 50 times.