IronPanda learns to swim

It’s not something I’m good at the but it’s something that I need to improve.

So what else was there let’s for me to do but to get a coach and improve. 

Austria for me was tough a battle and it hurt like hell.

Not really something I wanted to go through again so I decided to get better at it.

Thanks to the help of some friends and a great swim coach Rory Buck I’ve improved ever so slightly 🙂 

It’s a long road or in this case bed of water but I will get there in the end.

Albeit I will choke and swallow some chlorine along the way but I will make it.

And by the way the best thing about swimming is that the water covers and hides my tears.

Tears of pain and shame but mostly shame.

My coach is awesome but mean.

Hope you like my video and a special thanks again to Paulo Costa for getting me through the StPolten swim, Hassan Itani for organizing the talk where I met Rory, to Rory of course and lastly Chrisitan Henn the man who is punishing me in this video to swim at the beach and will swim with me till I am ready to swim at Challenege Roth which is 244 days away.