In Sickness and in Health

Words marriages are built on at least you hear them in the vows of marriage but I feel these words should be listened to more carefully at other times as well. I am just over 7 weeks away from my next half Ironman 70.3 attempt in Dublin, Ireland.


Nervous a little but that’s not a bad thing. Annoyed? Most definitely. Why you ask, that’s simple.

I am sick. What started out as a sore throat has spread to the nose and now attacking my chest.
How did I treat it? Simple I rested for all of 18 hours and decided I am better let’s get back to it and do a couple of hours of training at maximum intensity because after all if I am fighting a cold what better way to recover than by pushing my body to it’s limits. Can you sense my sarcasm?
Stupid I know, actually I didn’t I thought I could sweat it out the system the good old way of fighting colds, Old Skool and just as it is spelt incorrectly I was incorrect also.
My nutritionist/doctor certainly wasn’t happy. What could go wrong you ask? What’s the rush? Well in my eagerness to get back into training after having not trained for an almighty 24 hours I am now stuck on my second day of rest unable to train. Saturday was a complete no go I tried to get up for an early morning ride but that was not happening my head had a small rave going on in it which the rest of my body wasn’t invited to and my throat decided let’ just stop talking and swell up for a while.
So needless to say sweating it out wasn’t the right decision.
Lesson learned yes 100%.

Why do I say this? Why do I bring it up?

Simple, learn to listen to your body. That is the true key to success. Learn to understand when your body is telling you lies and you can run that extra 5km and when you are absolutely not able to do it and need to stop because there is a difference.
I have learned that I can run, however, every time I start to run my body screams at me saying “what the hell are you doing, stop, go back, shouldn’t you take up chess”

130523 wrong way go back

That’s only for the first 2km after that a sense of euphoria takes over and I am in the zone, of course depending on the music I am listening to but where ever my mind takes me the important thing is it takes me somewhere.
Now the difference here is if you wake up in the morning and your nose is like a leaky faucet and your throat feels like you are swallowing razor blades every time you take a sip of water then perhaps you are supposed to pass on training that day.
Now I get it if you are a professional and this is your job. Cool have at it you know better than me but for me, well I didn’t listen to my body and I am missing out doing what I love and fretting about the days of missed training.
Then again if I rush it I mess things up even more so I’m not in any hurry to rush back. I am fine having some soup, hot tea and some fresh OJ till I am ready to be back.

From now on I will be listening to the doctors orders.