I spit I don’t swallow

I know what you are thinking, and my answer to you is really get your head out of the gutter this isn’t that type of blog/website.
Isn’t it obvious what I am talking about?
Well if not let me explain, I ride at a cycle track a few times a week mostly by myself sometimes with someone else and on rarer occasions in a group of 3 or 4.
I see pelotons traveling around the tracks at great speed and I always struggle to keep up with them and at times am left in their wake hence the reason I avoid cycling with them but mostly the reason is because I am a spitter 🙂
What I mean is that occasionally I get tired and the build up of mucus means that I need to clear my throat and I have to spit it’s a bad habit I know but it stems from my days as a goalkeeper when you are taught to spit in your gloves to make them well how should I put this…Sticky
Yes it’s bad and I apologise to all the players who I used to shake their hands after the games but we such is life it happened get over it.
Back to the topic at hand.
I spit I said it I am a spitter. And I don’t think I would be able to last in a peloton for very long because I could end up spitting on someone.
You may be asking why I have started to talk about this and well I will explain.
I have no problem with pelotons except for the ones that are rather aggressive at times which I will discuss in another blog but just a quick note to anyone shouting abusive language to a man who is 6 foot 1 weights over 100kgs and in his past was referred to as a tank. Have manners I am at times able to sprint and I used to have somewhat of a temper.

Ok back to spitting. The last weekend I was out on a great ride and honestly the weather has been amazing recently.
After a nice and easy 50km at a slow pace I had some more in the tank so I decided to do another 15-20km. I rode out did 10km and thought lets turn back and put the foot down. Admittedly I had the wind on my back and being a big back it can be a little like a sail boat assisting me to go faster. Anyway I was passing people quite easily mostly because they weren’t racing like a lunatic and trying to elevate their heart rates.
So I came across someone and he had a great bike with all the bells and whistles and I used the moment that he went for a drink and slowed down slightly to overtake him with a little help from the wind and a small downward slope I had the momentum and took off. It was great I felt pumped and my ego was booming. I went off like this for about 2km and then was at the point well like I have stated I needed to spit and as I turned over my left shoulder to do so I had to stop myself mid spit and well I nearly spat on myself.
Why did I stop? because the person I had passed a couple of kilometers back was now drafting me.
Surely there are some rules to this and as I write this I know that someone will point them out to me. My issue is not that someone needs to draft me in fact I am fine with it and that pushes me to go faster and ride harder but at least let me know you are there.
What would have happened is I had spat on him? It could have been like the 1990 moment in the World Cup when Frank Rijkaard spat on Rudi Voller


So you see my concern is for those who sit in my blindspot. Be aware its not safe over there.

Yes agreed it’s not often that I have people following me but on the odd occasion you do find yourself drafting me. Make yourself aware so I don’t well you know spit on you 🙂