Forgive me it’s been a while

June 18th 2016 around 10pm I remember it very clearly. Me a small hill a lot of sand and well a wall that I guess was protecting me from the main road.

So basically what happened is I hit the patch of sand covering the cycle path and played ping pong with the wall. 

I know all of you are desperate to ask and no don’t worry the bike was and is fine I managed to stay on the bike and my knee and my glutes took the brunt of the impact. 

Thankfully no carbon was damanged in this incident.

It’s not very exciting and definitely the fault was with me but it was late I was supposed to be doing my last long ride before Challenge Roth and I was about 70km into a 200km ride and I was going downhill there was a big patch of sand covering the track I hit it and did the equivalent of aquaplaning 

I’d like to think it was a little like this. 

Anyway as I mentioned I went into the wall which happened to be concrete with large metal bolts sticking out and it caught me just under my knee I won’t add any photos but it was pretty cool.

I needed 15stitches on three levels which took about 45mins to do.

All in all it wasn’t that bad especially if I considered a friend of mind went head first into a gazelle the following weekend and broke his collarbone and cracked his scapula needed an operation and pins with a plate to put him back together.

He seemed to be doing a lot better than I was and I ended up being on crutches for 6 weeks.

If I’m honest about it I just don’t understand how pro athletes manage of cope with the injuries that they get. 

I have a whole new respect for them for sure. 

I mean if you look at Samir Ait Sayed he snapped his leg in Rio on a dismount and is already back walking and talking about Tokyo 2020. This coming from a guy who broke his leg before the 2012 London Olympics as well.

I just remember not wanting to train and feeling sorry for myself although I was ordered not to put weight or walk on the leg for 2 weeks.

Saying that though I know someone else and let me just say this guy is a little bit of a beast when it comes to cycling and I think an ex royal marine anyway he had an accident and broke his knee which just makes me want to cry thinking about it had screws put into his knee and then if I’m not mistaken less than 24hrs after being let out of hospital he was on the home trainer.

I mean no offense but these people just want me to shoot myself. On the other hand they are damn inspirational so kudo’s to them as they do in Strava.

So the gist of it is that after all that I finally did start training again, I rode with a lot of pain and in those times the dark Oakley glasses came in useful to hide the tears 

and then I tried to run again and that was beyond painful. But it happened and I managed to complete IRONMAN Dubai 70.3 and managed to get a PB overall and did the swim and bike times with a PB so I’m very happy. 

That full IRONMAN has still eluded me but all in good time. 

You never know maybe I’ll do one as a birthday celebration