First Race of the 2015-2016

It’s been a long long time since I looked forward to the start of a new season.
As a Liverpool fan and realist I don’t look forward to the new season with them anymore and since I hung up my gloves pre-season training is a thing of the past and my summers have been a little more relaxing.
That seems to have changed slightly. The competitive side of me is much tamer than I used to be 15 or so years ago. That’s mainly because I don’t compete for first place anymore more like a comfortable 1st last place.

Anyway the new season of Triathlon is upon us and along with it the new UAE Triathlon League

It’s pretty exciting and if I was in contention to win a prize I would be a little more competitive about the whole thing but for the moment I am still in it just to have fun and take part 🙂

However, maybe the powers that be are reading this and will add a weight category to the rankings as well like they do in boxing.

The race in a days time is a memorial to Roy Nasr.


I never had the pleasure actually honor of meeting him but his efforts have definitely has an impact on my life. The Triathlon group he started and left behind is a testament to his character and how he handled himself. Not that people commonly talk ill of the dead but I can’t remember the last time I heard people talk so fondly of a man like Roy. Everyone I have come across who knew him speaks so highly of him and in admiration it amazes me.
I still remember the large group of people that turned out for Ride For Roy even the former Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack.

Saturday is I think a day more to appreciate what he has done that to win. I myself have as I have been writing this been told that it is not a good idea to race with a cold and therefore will not be able to partake in the race but will be in attendance to support my coach and Fiancé but also to be apart of the atmosphere plus I hear the breakfast afterwards is great.
I really wanted to do this race but it’s better to rest and race another day.

The great thing about being apart of this sport in the UAE anyway is that there are so many races to take part in. So I may have to sit on the sidelines for this one but I will be back soon maybe even faster than last time with a new and improved bike from BMC courtesy of AdventureHQ and cool new wheels from Irwin Cycling