Dublin and done, what’s next?

So you cross the finish line and the feeling is amazing. At least it was for me and then the emotions start and you shed a tear or two in my case lots more but that could have been due to my pollen allergies ๐Ÿ™‚

Then it’s time for your reward.

Ah what a treat no guilt what so ever and no one has the right to comment on anything you consume because you just finished a half ironman a 70.3

Boom you are half an ironman. Proud as can be.

But then what?

Dublin is over and now what are you going to do?

Well that’s eat your mind is racing with all the races and the training you’ll do and get ready for.

Fly here go there, interval training, long rides, a marathon, an ultra, planning the race after the next race that you haven’t even done yet.

Making plans of action and schedules.

There’s only one problem. No one told your body that this is happening.

And let me tell you the first week back after Dublin for me was like trying to move a baby elephant off my couch.

My head said lets do this and every other part of my body said ” I don’t wanna” like a spoilt child.

Now I’m a grown man I am the keeper of my destiny and I just finished a 70.3 in Dublin in 7hrs and change. I’m capable of great things. So I say to myself.

Well my body told me to go find another pair of legs, lungs and arms if I wanted to train. My arse said dream on I’m not getting on no bike.

So on the couch I stayed. A reward meal became a reward week of not so much indulgence but hybernation.

Food wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great, quantities were just higher than they should have been, milk was added to places it normally wasn’t, honey found its way into oats and my yogurt and fruit became two yogurts with a touch of coconut oil and a dash of honey.

You get where I am going with this?

So now here I am humbled that I’m not superman and the panda actually needs to rest even if I’m aiming to be the IronPanda.

It’s ok though we live and we learn and as I sit having my flat white coffee I know that this is part of the process and journey and understand now what my body needs a little more.

So my advise listen to your heart, head and soul but most of all listen to your body because if the legs don’t want you to move unless you have the ability to move objects with your mind like professor X you’ll probably just stay on the couch like me so make sure your iTunes account is valid and catch up with some shows.

Suffice to say I have gotten a good beating last weekend on the bike when the wind reminded me that my size is no advantage going up hills or when I cycle into a tough headwind.

The funny thing is you start off at the loop you think and debate where is the wind coming from and what direction you should go in for a more effective ride. Well I do anyway and by effective I mean easier ride ๐Ÿ™‚

But unfortunately on this particular occasion all I had was side wind to regardless of which direction I started off in I ate a lot of sand and was sandblasted from both sides which made me feel like I was getting a body scrub.
Moral of the story get back into training sooner rather than later and starting kicking ass again.


Plans for the rest of the year are Dubai International Triathlon as a Relay, Challenge Bahrain and of course IM Bahrain. Its going to be tough but extremely fun.


Stay tuned for more stories.