Couch surfing or is it couch coaching

“Tomorrow I’m going to run a marathon”

“I could do that”

“that’s easy he’s paid to do it”

“I could do that if I wanted to”

All things I’ve been guilty of saying and things I’ve heard people say.

It’s so easy to be a legend in your head and we are all champions in our own right but what and who gives us the right to be champions?

I was a world class athlete, champion swimmer, MMA calibre fighter, talented writer and Van Gogh esk artist. Problem was, this all happened in my head in my dreams.

Now let me be frank, it’s simple, actions speak louder than words.

So I got off my ass, off the couch, put down the remote and thought let me see, can I really do what I think I can do?

What I find very amusing is that so many people judge and again I’m openly admitting to judging and having an opinion. ¬†After all “opinions are like assholes, we all have one” (There’s a continuation to that saying but I’m not sure how it goes.)

So back to my point.

It’s about Tour De France and Chris Froome, so many people have said he’s cheating, doping, on juice whatever you want to say. No admittingly I don’t follow the sport much at al, but I’ve seen what he’s done. Whether or not you like the guy he deserves some respect, what he has done has been done before so that proves it’s not impossible it’s just hard to do. But if it wasn’t hard no one would care.

No he wasn’t just fastest over some stages and it wasn’t part of some smart tactic which made him win, but he was fastest over the hills or should I call them mountains, now seriously people, this is something outstanding and an amazing accomplishment.

First of all respect should be given to anyone who is able to qualify and compete at such a level, if you don’t think it’s impressive you have no idea what you are talking about, just go to a indoor bike or outdoor bike with a cadance sensor and cycle at 90-100rpm for 5mins and a tough resistance and then if that’s easy, do it for 10mins and continue to do it until you’ve cycled the equivalent of 50kms and then see how your legs feel, still think it’s easier? Well then see if you can manage it for 4 times as much time for something crazy like 10 plus days with two days of rest.

I think you get my point… shit ain’t easy.

So when someone says he must be juicing before agreeing, just understand that this person has been doing this for years, the same way you go to the office or equivalent for 40plus hours aweek that’s what these people and other professionals do.

Same way you are a professional, so are they, so why wouldn’t they be great at what they do. Aren’t you?

How would you feel if one day you awoke to see all social media platforms had started to talk about you being a cheat. Mind you there’s no evidence but they claim you are because they just want to put down and lessen your achievements.

Now I’m not condoning substance abuse, or performance enhancing drugs, actually the opposite, I’m 100% against it and think it cheapens and shows a level of disrespect to all those who have succeeded and failed at the sport because they have robbed others who haven’t cheated to get to that position in life.

But when there is no evidence and people judge and discriminate and persecute someone and then spit and pour urine over him that’s a disgrace and shows no appreciation to any sport.

So before you judge think about how he has reacted, head held high and proud.

Not ashamed and hiding.

That’s the sign of a champion and a sign of a class act.