It was October 31st 2012, the evening of Halloween when I looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough. I just didn’t like what I saw anymore.

You don’t quite realize it but somehow over the period of 6 or 7 years I had ballooned or rather exploded from weighing 85-88kgs to somewhere int he region of 185kgs.

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The truth is the scales weren’t accurate because I was simply too heavy for them to calculate. I dieted and went to the extreme, that was my mind set then and I actually managed to lose a good amount of weight approximately 39kgs in an insane 45 days.
But as often happens with these fad diets as soon as you come off them you put the weight back on.
In July 2013 I met a friend for a work project and he encouraged me to start training with him. I was to be his passion project or good will gesture.
Two months of training so I started Strongman with Jost Trenker.
I loved it, nothing like lifting weights and feeling the energy made me feel reborn.
After getting back to the swing of fitness I was encouraged to go and try a flywheel class.
I was against it at first thinking cardio was not my thing.
After a month I eventually caved and on August 2nd 2013, I did my first class. Loved the music and the energy and the fact that I could compete suited me no end. I walked out of my first class and booked 20 classes straight away. I was instantly hooked.
Cycling indoors continued for a few months and then I signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon.
After I completed that albeit very slowly a friend inspired me to do a triathlon. The next challenge was the NYC Triathlon.

photo 4  photo 2

I used to be called the KungFu Panda before the triathlon, after the triathlon I decided to try and do a full Ironman. The dream to complete the Ironman in Kona Hawaii. 3.8km swim, 180km cycle, 42km run.
This is how the IronPanda was born.